HLG week in review 12.21

The Farm Bill is Signed, Hemp is Now a Legal Agricultural Commodity, NY Gov. Announced Full Support of Legalization

This Week in Review

President Trump Signs Farm Bill [VIDEO]

At the farm bill signing event, President Trump defended his position on the need for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border in order to ensure security and counter illegal immigration. Watch the video here


A few months ago, as reported in this space, a group of Alabama prosecutors announced a pending crackdown on the sale of cannabidiol (CBD) products.  Subsequently, the state’s Attorney general weighed in and joined the anti-hemp chorus. Read more

CBD Drinks: Why Marijuana’s Buzziest Ingredient Is Shaking Up The Beverage Industry

With all of the health benefits attributed to cannabidiol (CBD), it’s little wonder that many mainstream beverage manufacturers are trying to catch that lightning in a bottle — especially one filled with something delicious, thirst quenching and health enhancing. Read more

Hemp industry expected to blossom under new Farm Bill

The U.S. hemp industry is expecting business to expand and investors to beckon after Congress on Wednesday passed farm legislation that included a provision to legalize and regulate the plant under the Department of Agriculture. Read more

Marijuana Stocks In 2019: Time To Separate 'Winners From The Sinners'

For the marijuana industry, observers say, 2019 will be a year of reckoning after Canada's marijuana stocks implode. Or, it might be the year of better U.S. banking laws, kicking open the gates for expansion. Read more

Fuel up on gas and grass at Maine’s first medical marijuana convenience store

What is believed to be Maine’s first marijuana convenience store, one of only a handful in operation in the country, will open Thursday in Portland. Read more

Legalizing marijuana is now one of Cuomo’s priorities. He’s been resisting it for years.

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Monday announced his full support of statewide legalization of recreational marijuana, making it an administration priority for early 2019. Read more